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Certification Bodies - Quality Proved

The Prior Matter of Safety

The new gambling era has, obviously, brought numerous benefits to the world's gamblers, especially since the initial online casinos are known to have appeared in the recent years.

At the same time, the newly-developed rivals on the gambling market have also brought new problems to the industry, generally regarding the matters of gaming regulations and the players' money safety.

In this respect, both the governments and the casino owners have already accomplished much in terms of defining the possible ways to prove the spotless reputation of internet gambling sites and eliminate the cases of fraudulence. In particular, the establishment of versatile licensing jurisdictions, responsible for giving a special gaming license for trustworthy casinos only has, apparently, changed the situation to better, though some of the jurisdictions haven't yet proved to control the licensed gambling establishments' activities to a sufficient extent.

Therefore, much because of the necessity to give additional guarantees to the members of the gambling community, that their money is completely secure, there have been established special certification bodies, which were supposed to check, whether each online casino fits the highest international standards, or not.

The most well-known and reliable independent certification bodies in the world are nowadays recognized to include the following ones:

  • eCOGRA

    E-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (or simply eCOGRA), created in 2003, is responsible for checking the quality of online casino services and the level of the winnings' safety, provided to its clients.

    Moreover, the number of organization's activities is also aimed at eliminating the cases of illegal and under-age gambling.

    eCOGRA's certificate, placed within the site's interface serves a sign, that all the casino clients will receive incredible gaming experience.

  • PwC

    Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), the famous auditing company, whose reputation speaks for itself, hasn't been specializing in casino activities in the very beginning. Nevertheless, as soon as the company has begun to provide its services to the gambling sites, it has immediately reached the top-positions in the rating of the most trustworthy certification bodies.

    PwC is specialized in auditing casino software quality and the level of money security, as far as the available online payment options are concerned.

  • TST

    Having been initially established as an IT-development company, TST nowadays provides the audit of the online casino software, and the company's certificate is received only by those gambling sites, which tend to offer their clients the best-quality gaming platforms and applications.

All things considered, the appearance of certification bodies, has, eventually, made it possible to show the gamblers, that there ARE reputable online casinos, which will enable their clients to get wonderful playing experience and secure their winnings.