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Elvis Slots - The King's Rebirth

Incomparable voice and the peculiar personality of legendary Elvis Presley have made him an embodiment of the rock'n'roll generation and a true icon for millions of people. In this respect, although it's rather pop and hip-hop culture, which dominate in the modern world, the memory of the genius remains in his fans' hearts together with the marvelous songs, which still belong to the music lovers' favourites.

As long as the casino software technologies have become developed enough to make the introduction of shiny star slots possible, there's haven't been left any doubts, concerning the choice of the very first celebrity for the insertion of relative symbols into the brand-new variation.

Despite the fact, that Elvis slots are known to be the pioneers, as far as the celebrity slot symbols are regarded, they have already undergone such a huge number of further modifications that can easily compete with the most innovative variations, like iSlots, for instance.

Generally speaking, there might be nowadays differentiated several kinds of Elvis slots, all of which guarantee the players breathtaking gaming experience. These are the following:

  • Multi-Strike Elvis Slots

    Belonging to multi-payline slots, Elvis Multi-Strike comprises 60 lines and 3 bonus games, such as Rockin' Respin and Fan-O-Meter, for instance, which make the game unbelievably profitable, as guarantee the players bonus payoff opportunities.

    Moreover, the available Photo Memories features as well as numerous sound peculiarities, which include all the King's hits, convert the game into a thrilling adventure.

  • A Little More Action Elvis Slots

    Being a bonus 50-reel slot variation, Elvis - A Little More Action will present each gamer with unforgettable impressions and the exciting gambling process, much due to the bright interface options, like specific slot symbols, connected with the King's most well-known live concerts.

    Furthermore, the provided Wilds add to the game's profitability, so if one is rather lucky, there's a good chance that he/she will win quite a fortune, and, besides, as for the bonus game "A Little Less Conversation", even more Wilds happen to be offered.

  • Top 20 Elvis Slots

    Being provided to players as a mobile gaming application, Elvis - Top 20 is seemingly a perfect option for gamblers, who wish to play, wherever they are.

    Although comprising only 5 reels and 20 paylines, Elvis - Top 20 is still beneficial, as it also includes free bonus rounds and other essential advantages.

In a whole, all Elvis slots are worth trying, especially if one is fond of Elvis Presley and his songs.