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Fruit Machines - "Delicious" Alternative

Although US slots are still generally considered to be the most popular variations in the world, it doesn't mean, that other kinds of slot machines are never chosen by gamblers.

Here, as far as Asia and Europe are concerned, for instance, the players frequently select specific slot region varieties, instead of widely-spread American ones, as these can also be exciting and profitable, and, what is more, can serve as the so-called "fresh breeze", if the old-know game's versions have become boring to play.

In particular, the UK citizens are commonly known to be really fond of fruit machines, which although resemble classic slots to a great extent, still possess numerous unique features, concerning the gaming process and the provided payoffs.

Game's Specifics

Notably, the most peculiar characteristics of fruit machines, some of which are, by the way, considerably beneficial for players, happen to contain the following:

  • Reels

    Unlike the US multi-reel slots, most fruit machines tend to comprise either three, four, or six reels, so it isn't necessary to calculate the total amount of payoffs, every time one's bet has won.

  • Symbols

    It's seems obvious, that the vast majority of symbols, included in the fruit machines, are fruits, whereas the only exceptions are represented by Bar and Seven symbols.

  • Specific Options
    1. "Nudge". The player receives at opportunity to "nudge" one of the reels a little bit, to form the winning combination, of course, if the amount of previous spins is sufficient.
    2. "Hold". The player gets a chance to stop each reel separately, whenever he/she wants to, in order to win.
    3. High/Low Bonus Game. Whenever the winning combination of slot symbols appears on the screen, the player can either get the winnings (these are generally low), or try the bonus game, which presupposes 5 times bigger payouts.

      The objective of the game, in fact, is to guess, whether the next number will be higher, or lower, than the initial one on the screen.

  • Specific Strategies

    Although fruit machines are quite similar to American slots in terms of the gaming procedure, the principle, on which their work is based, is different. In particular, there's no Random Number Generator, and every machine has a predetermined number of jackpots, which may be hit.

    Furthermore, if many people have already played the particular fruit machine without winning, one's chances to hit the jackpot grow.

In a nutshell, fruit machines may be a wonderful option for gamblers, who aren't putting money as the ultimate goal of the game, and can sometimes play just for fun, not worrying about the final outcome.