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A Gaming License - Is it Really Essential?

Although the very first internet casinos are known to have been established more than a decade ago, the matter of regulation of the gambling sites' activities hasn't yet lost its essentiality.

In particular, the reasons of such a state of things on the market are obviously related with the frequent cases of fraudulence, because of which none of the players can't be confident of the fact, that his/her winnings are completely secure.

In this respect, it's hard to say that nothing has been done to prove the reputable casinos reputation and eliminate the chances of one's losing money, when playing video or interactive slots, for instance. Notably, the appearance of the licensing jurisdictions, providing a special gaming license to the gambling site, which tends to present its clients with the best-quality services and the guarantee, that their funds will be safe, has become a crucial point in the entire history of online casinos.

From then on, the most common experts' advice, addressed to beginners, who haven't got enough gambling experience, is to choose the trustworthy online casinos, which have already received a gaming license, if they're interested in playing blackjack, or any possible slot type.

Generally speaking, the most famous world's jurisdictions, which are responsible for controlling the activities of reliable gambling sites, having got the gaming license within their territory, are recognized to include the following:

  • The UK

    Being one of the oldest and the most reputable licensing jurisdictions in the entire world, the UK is known to allow only the most reliable gambling sites to get its gaming license.

    As for nowadays, the UK has already taken over 100 casinos' activities under control, all of them being absolutely secure in terms of the players' winnings receipt.

  • Gibraltar

    Having started its history as one of the licensing jurisdictions back in 1998, Gibraltar comeone gambling license serve as a sufficient guarantee that the particular casino offers only best online slots and other game variations to its clients.

    One of the essential advantages of Gibraltar lies in the fact, that there exists no initial fee, whereas the annual required payment is only £2,000.

  • Malta

    Having been established in 2000, Malta's Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) provides reputable online casinos with 4 classes of gaming licenses. Moreover, it was in 2007, when the jurisdiction got included in the "UK top-list" of countries, having the best gaming regulations.

    The essential Malta's peculiarity is that internet sites, having received its gaming license, aren't allowed to accept bets from the island's residents.

  • Antigua & Barbuda

    Antigua & Barbuda's Financial Services Regulatory Commission's Division of Gaming tends to provide 2 types of gaming licenses to trustworthy gambling sites, who guarantee their clients the highest level of money security and the best-quality online casino software.

    The receipt of each license requires the non-refundable money deposit (USD $10,000) and an additional fee (USD $1,000) as well.

Of course, the above-mentioned licensing jurisdictions aren't the only ones in the list, which also comprises Kannawake, Belize and others.

In a nutshell, checking the fact, whether a particular online casino has a gaming license, or not, appears to be incredibly important to a gambler, if he/she wishes to be ensure his/her money safety.