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James Bond Slots - Movie's Charm Preserved

The Phenomena of Agent 007

Even Ian Flemming, the James Bond bestsellers' author, couldn't, probably, imagine that the screen versions of his books would become so popular among the audience. Yet, it has happened so; and the movies about adventures of one of the British MI-6 Agents are even nowadays recognized as the most famous world's blockbusters, even though the very first film was produced back in 1960's.

As Agent 007 is known to possess all the best qualities of character, from generousity and compassion to incredible amounts courage, the hero has become the icon for several generations, and is now worshipped even more, than well-known musicians and actors.

That is, perhaps, why the creation of the James Bond brand industry hasn't taken long to take place, and the movie fans have soon received an opportunity to write with a James Bond pan, wear a James Bond jacket, and, even play James Bond slots. The latter, in particular, are known to have been invented by reputable software providers in cooperation with casino owners, who wished to present their clients with something new and exciting.

What are the Benefits?

As well as other movie slots, James Bond slots are nowadays immensely famous among the global gaming community, as they, obviously, succeed in combining incomparable playing experience with sufficient payoff opportunities. What is essential, since the variation is both creative and profitable, it's e often chosen not only by the hero's admirers, but the regular gamblers as well, who are searching for new chances to win a fortune.

The peculiar features of well-known James Bond slots include the decent payout percentage (up to 96%) and a great deal of bonuses. Notably, bonus spins are generally provided due to wild slot symbols, while the scatters also guarantee incredible winnings, if 4 or 5 of them appear on the screen. Moreover, the unique bonus game is activated by the Sports Car symbol, and is so absorbing, that everyone can feel, as if he/she were a true secret agent on a mission.

As for other symbols in James Bond slots, these don't usually present the players with some additional benefits, but are still bright and shiny, including Guns, Innovative Gadgets, Villains, Beautiful Girls and even the agent's favourite drink - a Martini Cocktail.

All things considered, if one is fond of either playing slots, or Agent 007 himself, James Bond slots appear to be an unbelievable option to try.