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Slot History - Short and Eventful

Undoubtedly, modern slots are recognized to be one of the world's gamblers' favourites and are played as frequently, as roulette or blackjack, for instance. In this respect, being highly-development in its entity, any slot type turns out to bring unforgettable experience to every gamer, no matter whether he/she is a professional, or a mere rookie.

Initial Steps

Nevertheless, none of the present-day slots has much in common with the original ones, which are known to have been invented back in the 19th century, although the appearance of the latter has truly become a revolution in the gambling industry.

The slot history is believed to have started in 1895 with the introduction of Charles Fey's Liberty Bell, which comprised 5 symbols, such as horse shoes, hearts, spades, diamonds, and, of course, liberty bells, initially, all placed on 3 reels. Notably, these 3 reels are, probably, the only thing, preserved in contemporary, so to say, classic slots, which are rarely chosen to play now.

Inevitable Success

Despite the fact, that the general US public had been already accustomed to other gambling games, as blackjack and roulette, it didn't take long for original slot machines to gain incredible popularity among gamblers of different age and preferences. The exact reason, perhaps, lied in their being something new and mysterious in comparison with old-known table games.

Later on, when gambling was officially banned within the US territory, the slot history still faced important changes, such as the appearance of new symbols, and, consequently, additional payoff options, for example.

No wonder, that, after gambling had been, eventually, legalized in 1931, the Golden Era of slot history began. It were the years of flourish and rapid development, which couldn't but influence the increase in the number of slots admirers, who were then offered a wide range of the game's variations, all being much more convenient and profitable.

The Era of Flourish

The development of original land-based casinos only added to slots' fame among the players, who were unbelievably excited to absorb in the thrill of the gaming process within the gambling area of any hotel & casino resort. Notably, this so-called "Las Vegas" period in slot history is also peculiar, much due to the development of brand-new modifications, among which profitable progressive slots appeared to have become the most advantageous ones.

What's Now?

As for the recent years, online casinos have predetermined slots development to a considerable extent. In particular, there has lately been created a diversity of unique slots versions, which enable the players to receive inconceivable gaming experience, and, often, win a fortune.

All things considered, it's obvious that slot history has already faced truly critical changes, due to which most players now possess a wonderful opportunity to immerse into an absorbing gambling adventure and, at the same time, earn money.