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Slot Machines Secrets - Are They Useful?

Picky Luck

The notion of luck is, undoubtedly, essential for gamblers, especially if they are superstitious and unbelievably frightened of the possibility, that their success won't be long-lasting. Such people are ready to go to the edge of ruin to prevent any chances of becoming, eventually, unlucky, which is why they're constantly searching for the possible ways to attract their luck, whenever it's needed.

The origins of the notion of slot machines secrets is dating back to the very beginning of slot history, although their importance hasn't yet decreased at least for a little bit. In particular, many gamblers can still be seen performing strange rituals in casinos, which would look ridiculous for reasonable people, but are seemingly useful for them.

Why to Beware

At the same time, whereas true skeptics would laugh at superstitious players, some beginners might be easily mislead by the so-called slot machines secrets, which have never proved to work in 100% cases, so are likewise useless, as the vast majority of slot myths.

Therefore, the experts usually suggest that the rookies should study the most common slot machines secrets, in order to avoid getting under their influence. These are typically considered to include the following ones:

Lucky Rituals - certain procedures, which are supposed to help the player win a fortune by making him/her luckier:

Wearing "lucky" clothes, like particular shoes, for instance. Here, sometimes it's not the exact clothes, but rather their colour, which can either attract luck, or, on the contrary, frighten it off.

Eating "lucky" food, either beforehand, or during the gaming process. In this respect, a gambler is recommended to cook special "lucky" dishes before going to the casino, or eat specific food, while playing. At the same time, one should beware of the so-called "unlucky" food, like the chewing-gum, for example.

Talking to the slot. The topics of one's monologue, here, may, surely, differ, from the general political affairs and common philosophical notions to a simple request for a fortunate game's result.

Kicking the slot. This one, among other slot machines secrets, is offered only to those gamblers, who are fond of playing in live casinos, whereas the exact part of the slot, which should be kicked in order to win, doesn't, actually, matter.

Lucky Charms - certain amulets and mojos, which are believed to make a player lucky.

Common Charms. It's hard to say, that slots fans are unique, regarding the common "lucky" charms, they tend to use. These, in fact, are recognized to comprise lucky candles, a rabbit's foot, or a 4-leaf clover, for instance.

Personal Charms. No matter, which slot type a superstitious gambler has chosen to play, his/her personal lucky charms, like "lucky" tokens, or anything else, are supposed to help him/her to hit as many jackpots, as possible.

In a whole, the vast majority of slot machines secrets may appear to be exciting to explore and even try at least once, if one is curious enough. Nevertheless, these shouldn't be taken too seriously, as none of the lucky charms or rites has proved to work in all cases.