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Slot Myths: Seemingly Truthful, Yet - Mere Lie

Despite the fact, that slot machines are known to have been invented much later, than blackjack, baccarat, or roulette, for instance, there have already appeared numerous superstitions and myths, connected with the game.

Within the whole slot history, there has always existed a belief, that all slot machines possess a range of secrets, by grasping which, one can easily hit the jackpot, whenever it's necessary. At the same time, the actual evidence prove, that Random Number Generator, on the basis of which slots variations work, makes it impossible to predict the outcome of each game round. Therefore, it's rather essential for every player, especially if one is just a beginner, to grasp all slot myths, in order not to get mislead by them.

What are the Myths?

Notably, the most common slot myths comprise the following ones:

  • MYTH #1: If the slot machine has been played for quite long, it becomes "hot", so the chances to win grow to a great extent.

    Facts: The notion of "hot machines" has nothing to do with reality, and it doesn't, actually, matter, how long the particular slot has been played for.

  • MYTH #2: If one has developed excellent observation skills, he/she might notice certain sequences of patterns in slots.

    Facts: No matter if one of multi-payline slots, or any other game variation, is being played, even if a person has the best observation skills in the world, he/she won't be able to notice any patterns in slot machine spins, as there exists none of them.

  • MYTH #3: Casinos can provide permanent clients with additional chances to win a fortune.

    Facts: It's RNG, which predetermines the game's result, so casino owners can influence the outcome in NO WAY.

  • MYTH #4: If one warms up coins before putting them into a slot machine, he/she can win much more.

    Facts: Among various slot myths, this one is, probably, the most ridiculous one. Warming up the coins isn't more beneficial, than drinking warm tea, or coffee, while playing.

  • MYTH # 5: Playing with Club cards is less advantageous, than in any other way.

    Facts: Special Player Club cards turn out to contain a great variety of side bonuses for their owners, so they are often advised to use by reputable experts.

Stay Reasonable

All things considered, taking into consideration the fact that some slot myths aren't only useless, but may also be harmful to people, who believe in them, it's generally recommended to study all the received information, concerning slot machines, very carefully, in order not to get confused, and consequently, disappointed.