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Slot Symbols - Choose the Perfect One

Unlike the original slot machines, which used to contain 5 symbols only, modern slots are much more diverse in their entity, especially since the reputable casino software providers have put their efforts into converting the game variations into digital masterpieces of art.

Whatever contemporary slot type is considered, they are all nowadays equipped with a great variety of bright slot symbols, either the general, or the very specific ones, which are known to have been introduced with an aim of advertising certain goods, or just commemorating peculiar personalities in the country's history.

General Slot Symbols

Notably, among the most famous so-called general slot symbols, which presuppose the receipt of certain benefits by players, there can be defined the following ones:

  • Wilds

    Wild slot symbols, or, as they are usually called, Wilds, enable the gambler get bonus winnings, which can often be twice as large, than the expected one, in case if the symbol appears on the screen.

    At the same time, as far as the best winning combinations are regarded, wilds aren't generally counted.

  • Multipliers

    This kind of slot symbols guarantees the gamer a multiplied winnings value, if the amount of won money appears to be equal to the value of deposited funds.

  • Scatters

    Scatter slot symbols, or, simply, Scatters, present the gamblers with a wonderful opportunity to receive additional winnings, if the certain symbols appear on the slot screen in versatile positions on the reels.

    Scatters are recognized to have got true recognition among the gamblers since the invention of the very first video multi-payline slots.

Specific Symbols

As for specific slot symbols, the list of possible variations is really endless, nevertheless, the most popular ones are commonly known to comprise the following:

  • Fruit Symbols

    Although the vast majority of fruit machines have already gained global popularity, the history of first fruit slot symbols is connected with a peculiar chewing-gum production company, and its advertising campaign.

  • Celebrity Symbols

    Celebrity Symbols are, actually, the pictures of world mega-stars, who had achieved incredible success in their lives and are still remembered by millions of people, inserted into the slot machines, which are thus usually called star slots.

  • Movie Symbols

    Especially famous among the fans of Superman and James Bond, most movie slots with the relative movie symbols, turn out both beneficial and exciting to play.

In a nutshell, with the development of new technologies, the number of existing slot symbols has increased to an incredible extent, which, couldn't but add to the amount of pleasure, which can be received during the gaming process.