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Superman Slots - A Walk in Super-Hero's Shoes

Super-Powers Wanted

Undoubtedly, as it's the notion of power, which is desirable for people, almost every boy in the world often dreams of gaining some super-powers, whereas the girls usually wish to meet a real super-hero at least once, or even marry one in future.

According to psychologists, these relatively childish dreams don't, actually, disappear, as soon a person becomes an adult, they are rather likely to hide deep inside, which is why most of us are fond of watching movies about super-heroes from time to time.

Among the heroes, who have already acquired their legendary status in the eyes of the audience, the personality of Superman is recognized to occupy one the highest positions in the top-rating, together with Batman, who, nevertheless, isn't likely to be the best of the best.

Peculiarities and Advantages

With the appearance of the first Superman movie, it has become clear that the hero, initially known only to comics-fans, had all chances to convert the vast majority of people into his devoted followers. Moreover, as long as Superman slots have been added to the movie slots family, even those gamblers, who had never watched any of the related movies, have become interested.

Belonging to slots with bonus, Superman slots offer the wide range of payoff opportunities to players, who would also appreciate the highest quality of graphics and sound features.

The most peculiar features of 50-payline 5-reel Superman slots are recognized to contain various betting options, not to mention special bonus-spins, provided to players in the case, when the Wild, namely Superman symbol, appears on the screen on the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th reels at the same time.

Moreover, there's also The Save the World Bonus Game option in Superman slots, which is available, if 3 scatters (Superman logos) are got at once.

At the same time, other glittering Superman slots symbols comprise Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, kryptonite and even Clark Kent's glasses, though these aren't known to present any additional benefits to gamers.

Why not to Try?

All things considered, Superman slots may be easily called innovative masterpieces of digital art, and may advised as a wonderful playing option for every gambler, no matter how experienced he/she is, as the thrill, received from the game, is truly amazing.